5 Tips For Selling Your Phoenix Fix & Flip

Sep 25, 2019

The last thing you want to happen after a great acquisition, and successful remodel, is for your fix and flip property to sit idly on the resale market. We’ve compiled 5 tips that are simple in theory, but are often […]

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Reasons To Buy And Hold

Sep 18, 2019

When looking at investment properties in , you’re always exploring options. In the world of real estate investing, there are almost as many strategies to consider as there are properties out there. Here are a few reasons why a buy […]

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The True Cost of a Fix and Flip Project in Phoenix

Sep 15, 2019

Costs can be difficult to predetermine on a fix and flip, there is always the potential for unexpected costs and expenses which can quickly add up. fix and flip seekers should include the cost of acquisition, cost of any repairs, […]

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Explaining Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM)

Sep 14, 2019

One of the simpler ratios to calculate for potential rental investments is the gross rent multiplier. In itself, it’s not enough to greenlight a property as a good investment, but it’s so easy to calculate that you can do it […]

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Single Family Rental Prices Rising

Aug 30, 2019

The number of single-family rentals is growing, and landlords continue to accrue high profits from their investments. Single-family rents rose 2.9% year over year in June, according to CoreLogic’s Single-Family Rent Index, which measures rent changes among single-family rental homes, […]

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Western US Markets May See Increased Foreclosure Inventory

Aug 20, 2019

Last month, Auction.com, the nation’s largest distressed real estate marketplace announced the results of its first-ever annual Disposition Summit Client Survey, which surveyed more than 60 bank and nonbank servicer clients along with representatives from government agencies involved in servicing […]

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Tips for First Time Foreclosure Investors in Phoenix

Aug 11, 2019

If you’re the ambitious type who’s looking to start investing in real estate, investing in foreclosed properties could be a great idea. But before you jump in, you should consider the time, energy, and effort these investments require. Here are […]

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Phoenix Rental Property Purchasing Tips

Aug 03, 2019

Investing in real estate can be a benefit to your financial portfolio, but not without careful research and the right knowledge. With the right information, investors can avoid critical mistakes when purchasing rental properties that might end up costing big […]

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“Mom & Pop” Real Estate Investors Dominating Marketplace

Jul 23, 2019

Over 10% of all residential homes are purchased by investors, and that number continues to rise. Who are these investors? Many have speculated that the large institutional conglomerates such as Blackstone, American Homes 4 Rent, and Colony Starwood dominate investor […]

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